How to Think in RxJava Before Reacting

RxJava is a library that helps in writing code using reactive paradigm. When writing programs using RxJava, the hardest part is thinking in Reactive, which requires one to let go of old imperative and stateful habits of programming, and start thinking in a different paradigm. At my work in ThoughtWorks I have been using RxJava for more that six months in production applications. My talk will be based on the knowledge that I gained and lessons that I learnt from my practical experience of RxJava.

My goals from this talk are:
(1) To demystify the reactive paradigms concepts for the attendees and
(2) Provide enough information about the mechanics of RxJava so that attendees can straight away start experimenting with the library

The topics that I will be talking about are:
– Introduction to Reactive Programming
– Creating Observable (the source)
– Creating Observer (the consumer)
– Subscribing (connecting consumer to source)
– Operators (for Transforming, Filtering and Combining)
– Building Resilience (Error handling)
– Using Concurrency (Schedulers)
– Unit Testing Utilities


Praveer-Gupta-75Praveer Gupta is a Senior Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has worked with ThoughtWorks and Deloitte and has provided consulting for customers from a wide variety of industry domains. ….