Building Secure Connected Devices

Currently a search for Security and IoT, throws up a number of ‘fear-mongering’ articles about how bad things can happen, and then there are many that advertise the use of a certain product for addressing security. But very few attempt to explain the security context, at the IoT device level. As hobbyists or budding IoT developers, people are quite confused as to how this applies to their project. So this talk is an attempt to break-down the problem and understand the most common security issues that could surface and the typical solutions for the same. The talk will look at the security problems and their solutions in three contexts: a) remote access of connected devices b) local network access and c) physical access.


Kedar-Sovani-75Kedar Sovani has 14 years of experience in Linux kernel, Systems software and IoT. He  was the former maintainer of Fedora-ARM project. ….

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