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Thank you for being a part of the IndicThreads Conference, Pune 2016.  The conference is shaping up very well and we are eagerly looking forward to your talk at Pune16.

Enriching content is critical for a successful conference and also for a fulfilling experience for you, the speaker. We want your talk at IndicThreads to be your best ever. So we are more than happy if we can assist you with your talk. Please feel free to call / write to us with any queries.

Based on our experience with IndicThreads conferences over many years, below are some Todos, FAQs and suggestions for your consideration.

Do I have to use a conference slide template?

Yes, please. A uniform look and feel helps attendees focus on your content and also provides a professional feel to your presentation and the conference. It also helps with slide sharing post conference.

Slides look can change based on the software you use. So this is the  look that the template is supposed to have -> Title Slide, Slide 1

  • Download The Template (ppt)
    Yes, PPT is ancient technology, but our experience has been that ppt still is the most compatible format across many tools and slide sharing services.
Is it ok if I present using my own laptop? Will my laptop work with the projector?

Yes, we prefer you to present using your own laptop, as that works best for the speaker and also for code demos. Please note:

  • The slide template ratio is standard 4:3 and not widescreen, so as to minimize compatibility and projector issues.
  • However projector issues are common. Rarely with Windows machines, often with Linux (usually resolution related issues). Missing adapters & connectors are the most common issues with Mac devices.
How to deal with: My machine has conked off a few minutes before the session / My machine refuses to work with the projector?
This does happen from time to time.
  • Keep a latest backup of your slides and code easily available.
  • Plan for such a contingency. Think of how you can deliver the session if the code demo were to fail / code failed to compile…
  • Relax. It’s ok. The audience consists of techies who are usually understanding of tech hardware related issues.
  • ***While you work to fix the issue, ensure that you continue to talk and engage the audience. Just looking at a speaker trying to frantically get things to work, is no fun.
Can I use a presentation tool other than MS/Open/Libre Office? Do I still need to use the slide template?

Yes, you can use a presentation tool other than Office. Almost all tools have the ability to import look and feel from a PPT. If for some reason, the PPT absolutely will not work for you, then use this background image and stick to the conference look and colours -> Title Slide, Slide 1

I hate Powerpoint and will not be using Powerpoint or any similar tool. How do I escape slides?
Even if you are not using any conventional presentation tool, we would request you to put down your points in a “slide-like” sequential format. Most attendees want to refer to your session points post-conference. “Where can I get the slides?” is one of our most common attendee queries. Also the slides will add value to your presentation video online.
Will the slides be shared publicly?

Yes. We recommend the PPT format, as our experience is that ppt is still the most compatible format across tools and slide sharing services.

Important Dates
  • 30 April 2016 – Last date for submission of your presentation
    • All presentations are reviewed and you may receive some suggestions. Please submit revised slides by 15th May.
  • 3-4 June 2016 – Conference Dates
Presentation Recommendations
  • Font Sizes: Please use 25+ font size for all slide content. Seriously, 25+ for all content.
    • Will be visible from the back of the hall
    • Force you to not pack in too much text 
  • Cluttered / Fuzzy : This is by far the biggest issue with tech presentations.
    • Please keep the content on each slide to a bare minimum.
    • We recommend not more than 3 bullet points per slide.
    • As far as possible, use just a few words and not sentences on each slide.
  • Code: If you would be showing code samples, always highlight the key portions. It makes it much easier to understand and works better than pointing things out on screen.
  • Reading from your slides: If you find yourself reading from your slides, it usually means that you need a little more practice.  When you are well prepared, even a one word slide prompt can be enough for you to get going and elaborate on a concept.
  • Images Make it Interesting: Adding relevant images can greatly liven up your slide deck
  • No Marketing: Please ensure that there is no marketing content for any product/service/company… in your slides.
How can I help you promote the conference?
Super! Thank you! धन्यवाद! शुक्रिया! We love you too!

Considering the humongous scale of IT in India and our limited promotion budgets, your help is of great value to us. The easiest way is to post a link to your session or speaker page to social media and your company intranet. It would be great if you could also share the conference info on any relevant tech forums and mailing lists that you are aware of.

Speaker Benefits:
  1. Complimentary full conference pass for the primary speaker
  2. If you are traveling from out of Maharashtra, we will reimburse upto Rs. 2500 for air and/or rail travel for the primary speaker. You will need to submit the appropriate travel and expense documents in your name.
Time Check

If required, we will flash 5 MIN & TIME reminder placards . We try and do it as discreetly as possible. Please do not take offense, it’s only meant to keep things on schedule.

We are excited to have you speaking at Pune 2016! Thank you and Good Luck!

Speaker Friend

Your friends can register for the conference at a special 20% discount on all pass types. Code SPEAKREF  (expires 27 May).

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