Navin Kabra

Navin Kabra is currently co-founder & CTO at, a startup focused on helping companies filter job candidates based on evaluation of actual job-related skills. He is also one of the creators of, a portal for the tech community in Pune, India, and, one of the largest start-up showcases in Pune. He has worked for large companies (like Veritas/Symantec, Teradata), and small; he has worked in India and in the US; seen a successful exit, and a dotcom failure; done product development and done research; he’s written consumer software and enterprise software. He’s been a developer, an architect, a researchers, and a manager (but hated it). Navin has a PhD in CS from University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA, and a B.Tech. in CS from IIT-Bombay.


* Understanding Bitcoin (Blockchain) and its Potential for Disruptive Applications