Sponsor180IndicThreads takes pride in being vendor-neutral, with content driven solely by quality & chosen by experts in the domain. The primary focus of our events are the paid delegates and we strive to ensure that they get great value for the good money they pay to get in. Our conferences consistently get rave reviews from delegates, speakers & industry experts. Marketing opportunities at IndicThreads’ events are available only if they add value and never at the risk of spoiling the delegate experience.

IndicThreads invites corporates to talk to the community.

Why Sponsor?

  • Present your brand, ideas and products to the people who matter. Talk to the key decision makers and influencers.
  • The conference draws the attention of thousands of professionals from not just in India but worldwide
  • The conference attracts the most knowledgeable and experienced delegates from across India. Your company or product information thus will reach out to senior and influential professionals from across India
  • Reach out to the software community in India.
  • The schedule is planned in a fashion that it will ensure that your brand message will not get lost in the noise.

How is it different?

While several technology conferences have come up in India over the past couple of years, the key differentiator for IndicThreads’ events is its focus on learning and discussion for delegates. The events are planned such that there are only a select few places where we expose the delegates to sponsored or marketing messages. All sponsored opportunities are marked as such.

The focus is always on great value and learning for the delegate. So not only will your message not end up being just one of the barrage of sponsored messages and sessions, but it will also reach an audience that is open to the message.


Like with our delegates, we want to deliver utmost value to our sponsors. So while we do offer out-of-the-box sponsor packages, we will also work with you to customize the package to offer best value to you.

  • Contact Us or Write to Harshad Oak at harshad@rightrix.com for more information…

Past Sponsors At The IndicThreads Conferences