Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

This presentation is about how Augmented Reality is enabling Enterprises to connect the digital and physical world in order to deliver innovative consumer experience. In the past, IT technologies have primarily focused on driving efficiency gains in product development and services for enterprises. Today, digital technologies such as Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are not just revolutionizing every business, but also every aspect of businesses.

There is a lot of buzz on the visible disruptions being brought about by IoT and Augmented Reality in diverse industries. Surprisingly, there is limited awareness on how Augmented Reality coupled with IoT, are fundamentally changing the way enterprises operate and how the products are being created, operated & serviced. Enterprises need both, IoT and Augmented Reality, to be able fully realize the potential of disruptive innovation and compete in marketplace. This presentation will be about the new opportunities developers and IT leaders should think about in the digital era.


Kishor-Himane-75Kishor Himane is Director at PTC Software India Pvt. ltd. (PTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of PTC Inc. Kishor heads the Development Center for PTC Global Services enablement functions and is also jointly responsible for Development Programs on Technology Platform (IoT, Data Analytics, Digital Twin) for PTC Global Services…