Real-world IoT for enterprises

There is a lot of excitement about IoT these days. With IoT topping the list of interests from business stakeholders, analysts as well as various vendors, the buzz around it is only set to increase. The use of IoT essentially needs to enable service excellence by differentiation through customer experience. However, in reality, there are still a lot of gaps in understanding when it comes to an enterprise trying to put IoT in practice. One has to think through multiple considerations, both technology and operational, to make usage of IoT a reality in their business.

This session is aimed at discussing the real world problems that enterprises face when it comes to implementing IoT, the technical considerations that ought to be resolved and the end-end architecture of IoT solution to provide business value to customers. This session would discuss the problems such as – How do I collect data from intelligent devices? How do I analyze IoT Data? How do I integrate IoT data & events with enterprise infrastructure? I would like to discuss these questions in the context of two specific use cases – Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring. This session would also elaborate on the practical considerations such as adopting a phased approach for real world IoT deployments etc.


Abhimanyu-Prabhavalkar-75Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar is Vice President of Oracle’s Platform As A Service (PaaS) Research and Development organization and is currently developing Oracle’s IoT Cloud Service and analytics platform. He has 20+ years of software product development & global management experience…