Building on Quicksand – MicroServices Architecture

Micro services are increasingly used to tackle complexity of addressing business requirements. Understanding MicroServices architecture needs some understanding trade off involved in distributed systems. In the talk, I’ve tried to highlight how the model shifts from strong consistency to eventual consistency in Micro services. I will talk about some interesting techniques I’ve used in projects to tackle challenges posed by distributed components. I will also talk about various consistency models( viz. Read My Writes, Consistent Prefix) which developers/architects can used to make interesting tradeoffs. This is talk is going to be on architectural patterns and not related to any specific technology.


Shripad-Agashe-75Shripad Agashe has more than 17 years of IT experience in executing projects for a broad range of business problems for various large organizations including several Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in Performance and Scalability of compute intensive applications…