IoT Testing and Quality Assurance

In today’s interconnected world, which is no longer limited to hi-tech gadgets or computers, smartphones and tablets etc., now the scope is getting extended to even the most ordinary yet smart devices you use in your everyday life. Advanced sensors have made it possible today for any\ every device to become part of the network of physical objects called the Internet of Things. This is the Internet of Things (IoT). Its billions of devices and a trillion connected sensors promise users better experiences with their products because the IoT can supply the data to quickly resolve unforeseen problems.

Testing the Internet of things, thus, refers to the validation process of various aspects related to internet connectivity and hence comes the challenge of maintaining quality. With IoT seeing a massive growth spurt (Gartner predicts that by 2020, the world will have 26 billion devices or more), testing has to expand its horizons to take into account the various ways we are using this technology. And because software drives everything, and software quality is key.
This paper talks about following structured approach to meet quality in IoT applications.

  1. Identify different areas of IoT testing from software QA perspective
  2. Define complexity in ensuring quality of software’s supporting IoT
  3. Define software QA’s Role and scope
  4. Identify essential testing types for IoT Testing
  5. Embrace shift in paradigm from traditional testing to more user centric testing
  6. Distinguish software and hardware testing use cases
  7. Look forward for any opportunity for any tool support and automation techniques

Due to the heterogeneous nature of IoT Services, Solid strategic test planning is required to cover the depth and breadth of IoT testing. Solid strategic test planning is required to cover the depth and breadth of IoT testing. This presentation captures the aspects of IoT that are relevant to software QA organizations. Further, it elaborates the shift in testing approach required in QA in order to meet the customer needs to be successful.

Key Take away:

  1. Understand high level overview of IoT testing
  2. Know the different aspects of IoT testing
  3. Role of software QA in IoT testing
  4. Find the challenges with IoT testing
  5. Tailoring testing approach to support IoT

Girish-Kolapkar-75Girish Kolapkar is Software Specialist-Test Automation at SAS Research and Development (India) with special interests in Agile methodologies and continuous integration, adoption of automaton throughout the delivery lifecycle. Girish has 10+ years of experience in test automation…