Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Streams

Collection Streams, introduced in Java 8, requires a software developer to start thinking in declarative paradigm. For one who has been accustomed to the imperative paradigm, writing declarative code is not immediately intuitive. My goal from this talk to help the attendees make the transition to the new paradigm easy and start harnessing the power of Streams.

Collection Streams
– Solving a problem declarative style
– External Iteration and Internal Iteration
– Stream as a Builder
– Intermediate Operations (filtering, slicing, mapping)
– Terminal Operation (reduction and collection)
– Reduction (finding, matching)
– Collection (Collectors, grouping and downstream)


Praveer-Gupta-75Praveer Gupta is a Senior Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has worked with ThoughtWorks and Deloitte and has provided consulting for customers from a wide variety of industry domains. ….

Functional Programming – Past, Present and Future

As hardware keeps becoming massively parallel and as modern software development methodologies like Agile keep maturing, programming languages and their runtime environments are attracting unprecedented focus. Programming languages are expected to act as brokers between the solutions to business problems and the hardware environments where these solutions are realised. The one programming paradigm that has been receiving a lot of oxygen in the recent past is that of Functional Programming. In fact, Java’s introduction of lambdas offers quite a significant hint about the times to come.

Functional programming is good old concept. Functional programming languages have existed for around six decades now. It is important to appreciate why functional programming is picking up steam in the current times. Functional languages offer programmers a plethora of features that making programming a very pleasurable experience. What makes the functional paradigm so different from the imperative paradigm? Why is functional programming getting lucrative today? We intend to present a study of popular functional languages – their history, their hallmark features, the state-of-the-art features and where the functional paradigm, as a whole, is poised to go. We also intend to do some live-coding in languages purely functional languages to elucidate certain characteristics of functional languages.


Pushkar-Kulkarni-75Pushkar Kulkarni is a member of the IBM Runtime Technologies team in India Software Lab, Bengaluru. He has worked on the IBM Java’s Just-In-Time compiler in the past and is currently involved in customer-reported problems and bugs IBM Java’s standard classes library. He is enthusiastic about programming languages and likes to try out all kinds of them – old and new, practical and esoteric. ….

GR8 Road to #fame – Building & scaling a live streaming mobile platform

#fame is the India’s first mobile only Live streaming mobile platform. The application is backed by the Micro service based architecture using Grails and Java based Frameworks. So I am going to talk about the how we architect the live streaming platform and how quickly we went bigger in terms of user base & traffic. What proactive measures were taken to make the application scalable, with over 5 million installs, 1 million registered users and counting.

Areas covered during the talk:
● What is Live stream?
● Some video domain terminology like RTSP, HLS, DVR, Player, Transcoding, Adaptive bitrate etc
● Architecture of the application
● Challenges faced while scaling the application
● Load stats and success stories
● How we used prediction.io for generating recommendations: Recommendation system on Grails
● Use of hadoop and spark for realtime processing

Key takeaways:
● Better understanding of Video domain based and live streaming applications
● Getting started with Micro services
● How one can quickly move away from Monolith
● Spending less and still not using the Monolith approach
● How one can scale the application quickly to handle load
● On demand scaling : Auto scaling
● etc…


Rishabh-Jain-75Harkesh-Kumar-75Rishabh Jain is a Big Data Consultant for #Fame. Harkesh Kumar is the Lead Developer for #Fame ….